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Hand-knotted rugs are artisan in nature, and each is unique, with a singular combination of materials, dyes, designs, and skill. The very best examples take on a mysterious, even mythical quality that transcends the materials and even the craftsmanship involved. In the course of thirty years, Reza and Jila have seen countless variations and combinations of these components that range from the simple to the sublime. But it wasn’t until recently that they felt prepared to interpret other art forms using the traditions and techniques of the rug-making world.

When artwork is rendered as an Oriental rug, the intent is not, and cannot be, to produce a precise copy of the original work. Rug-making is an art unto itself, with it’s own character and nature. The result must serve both the essence of the original artwork, and the nature of the woven textile medium. Colors, materials, the marriage of form and function—these must respect both the original artwork and the finished rug. Art Interpreted, in this sense, is both a curiosity and a journey—and like rug-making itself, the process is demanding.

In working with the Artists of Art Interpreted, one is reminded anew at the importance of the third dimension of this art form—the thickness, the texture, and what in the rug-making world is known as the “hand” of the rug. A rug, in this sense, is also a sculpture, with form and function that must be respected in three-dimensional space. Reza’s understanding of this aspect, his dedication, and his extraordinary attention to detail can be observed—and felt—in these Art Interpreted rugs.

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