Long Term Storage Services

Oriental Rug Mart offers long-term storage for rugs when needed.

Why Long-term Storage?

Occasionally, our customers have need of a long-term storage solution for one or more of their treasured Oriental rugs. There can be many reasons for this, including moving to a new home, temporary overseas assignment, or extended legal or insurance-related issues.

Long-term Storage

Oriental Rug Mart offers storage services to accommodate such needs. We'll carefully prepare your rug for long-term storage, ensuring that it is in good condition before, during and after the storage.

Oriental Rug Mart charges $3 per rug per week for this service, calculated from the time of reception to the time of departure of the rug.

During the storage period, we'll check on your rug at regular intervals to ensure that nothing unexpected has happened. The rug will be returned to you in the same or better condition that when it was recieved.


Oriental Rug Mart will not accept rugs for long-term storage that excessively dirty, or that suffer from mold, mildew, or infestation of pests.

In these cases, by agreement with the customer, the rugs will be professionally cleaned prior to preparation for storage. The customer will be charged for the cleaning in addition to standard storage fees.