Expert Repair

Given enough time, any rug can display wear and tear with ordinary use. We offer a variety of repair options to address the issues that can arise in your rugs.

Start with Cleaning

The first step (usually) in the repair process is a thorough cleaning. This will help to reveal the specifics about what is needed, and the optimal approach according to your wishes and budget.

Choose a Path Forward

Repair options range from simple to complex; from glue patches to rebuilding the foundation and reweaving the distressed area of the rug. We'll advise you about the options, the associated costs, and the timeframe that you can expect for completion of the repair.

Work in Progress

Once your repair commences, we'll keep you abreast of the progress. Most repairs can be completed within two-three weeks, depending upon the size and complexity of the work required.

Repair Options

Fringe Repair
  • Secure with Twist LIne - When there is sufficient fringe to work with, a twist line can be used to secure the end of the rug to prevent knots from loosening and falling out.
  • Secure with Button Holes - When there is little or no fringe, or when the edge of the rug has exposed selvage, button hole repairs are used to secure the end to prevent knots from loosening and falling out.
  • Fringe Trimming - Not everyone likes a longer fringe. Happily, the fringes of hand-knotted rugs, which are an extension of the warp strings in the foundation, can easily be trimmed if you prefer a shorter fringe. This does not typically impact the value of the rug.
  • Hiding the Fringe - if the fringe of your rug is sufficiently long and pliable it can be hidden entirely. This involves wrapping the fringe underneath the rug, and sewing a fabric over the area to secure the funge under the rug. Many modern rug designs use this technique to hide the fringe entirely.
  • Machine Serging - A more budget-friendly option, especially for rugs that do not have great value, is to machine-serge the edges of the rug. This produces a neat, durable edge that will withstand ordinary deterioration from heavy usage.
Field Repair
  • Patch Replacement - Holes or excessively worn areas of the rug can be replaced with a patch from a similar rug. Oriental Rug Mart maintains a variety of older rugs with no market value precisely for this purpose. We'll attempt to locate a portion of a rug the closely matches the area of your rug that requires patching, and then sew the new patch into the body of the rug.
  • Reweaving - Our weavers have the skill, craftsmanship, and experience to entirely reweave the damaged portion of your rug, including rebuilding the foundation and reweaving the knots with closely matching colors.
  • Glue Patching - A less expensive and time-consuming option is to reinforce the back of the rug with a glue patch. This process does not typically change the appearance of the face of the rug, but it will strengthen the area in question and reduce or eliminate further deterioration.
Edging Options

Side Repairs - The edging on a rug can sometimes become frayed from use. We can rewrap the frayed portions of the edging using a closely matched yarn to restore the look and protect the edging from further deterioration.

Machine Serging - Machine-made rugs are typically machine serged using a one of a number of possible techniques. We can provide this service for rugs that have been resized, or to provide a cost-effective finish to a hand-knotted rug.