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8' 2" x 9' 10" (08x10) Afghan Nooristan Wool Rug #013971

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Color: Beige
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Product Description

Condition: New

Colorway: Beige/Ivory

Country of Origin: Afghanistan

Style: Traditional

Design: Nooristan

Design Features: Medallion

Pattern: Geometric

Primary Material: Wool

Foundation: Cotton

Period: 21st Century 1st Qtr

Nooristan is a region in northeastern Afghanistan, and it is also the name of a type of oriental rug that is made in this region. Nooristan rugs are known for their unique designs and high quality, and they are highly valued by collectors and enthusiasts of oriental rugs.Nooristan rugs are typically made using a combination of wool and silk, and they feature intricate designs and patterns that are woven using traditional Persian knots and weaves. The designs on Nooristan rugs often feature bold geometric patterns, as well as floral motifs and medallions. One of the unique features of Nooristan rugs is their color palette, which often includes shades of red, blue, and green. The colors are typically bright and vibrant, and they are often achieved through the use of natural dyes.Nooristan rugs are highly valued for their durability and are often considered to be some of the most durable rugs in the world. They are also known for their versatility and can be used in a variety of different settings, from traditional to modern. However, due to the remote location of the Nooristan region and the limited number of weavers, Nooristan rugs are relatively rare and difficult to find.


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